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Sprawling 3 acres of open space surrounded by nothing but the horizon is a real liberating feeling. Sit a while on our wooden picnic tables with a view and contemplate.

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You have to open one of

these gifts and find out how

important you are. Just a

subtle, personal, but

truth about you. Come

and unzip one

Your message to us

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through the entire Bible in one year, extraordinary catch of the miraculous salvation story together  anywhere anytime but every day, 365. Beginning Jan. 1, 2023.

It will be your new year resolution that will be a struggle but never regret. 

date.   Bible text                      

Mar.26   2 Samuel 13--15

The turbulent family dynamics are immoral and disturbing in David’s.

27 16-18

KIng David continues to be steadfast about the appointed King of Israel’s family Saul and is determined not to harm them though they continue to seek assassination. 

28 19-21

The history of Israel after the king they demanded never proves to benefit them and yet God seems to be carrying out his plan through these people that he chose for reasons he only knows. 

29 22-24

God keeps his promise and carries out his plan to create a nation through whom he will bring a savior messiah though the nation whose leaders are not holy. And yet they demonstrate understanding of their great God of power, love, and forgiveness

30 1 Kings 1-4

God’s mercy and grace allows the kings of Israel to be blessed in their rule though they are not holy as expected. It is consistently clear God is still sovereign.

31 5-7

During Solomon’s reign the temple of God and the king’s palace were 

built. His palace was much bigger than the temple but it was designed 

according to God’s instructions. 

Apr.1 8-10

Solomon, with God given wisdom God, created a massive, grandiose empire drawing respect and support from all the surrounding countries becoming the center of the world in a manner of speaking. God’s promise, never unfaithful, thus is revealed no matter what. 

Mar.19  1 Samuel 17-20

David God’s chosen king sufferers great sorrow through his life being 

threatened mercilessly.

20    21-24

Tragic is the course of God’s chosen king who flees from his own step-father 

seeking  to kill him. He doggedly pursues the life of David. But he 

does  not risk violating what he believes is God’s principle even if it might cost him his life.

           21   25-28

There is much chaos between David and Saul who's fighting goes non-stop 

while  searching God’s will and obeying becomes a real mess.

           22   29-31

Saul, the chosen king of Israel, falls away from the Lord and dies tragically 

with his sons.

23 2 Samuel  1-4

It seem ironic that David seems bent on revering the bloodline of Saul, God’s 

chosen first king, even when they threaten David’s life relentlessly.

24   5-8

KIng David goes on to establish the united Kingdom of Israel and Judah through 

subsequent wars.

25  9-12

The drama of David’s life continues. After enduring a chaotic messy survival 

period he sins gravely.

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